Work in Protest

Seattle-based Grace Love returns with an unapologetic and gritty new alternative Soul Fusion Sound. 

Representing Washington state alongside her Memphis roots, Grace Love has been performing her authentic, contemporary and soulful sound to today’s music scene by challenging music genre boundaries. Performing both across the US and internationally since 2009, Grace Love’s sound with this single has a raw and profound perspective showing her musical experience, which is backed by the Seattle Symphonyand Quincy Jones

Grace Love’s tenacity and growth as an artist through her time in the industry has evolved to this current era of careful musical curation combined with passion reborn into always learning. This new body of work, both this track and her upcoming EP, showcase a completely new angle for Grace Love, emulating a sound similar to 

Kasabian and Royal Blood but doesn’t shy away from Love’s vocal wheelhouse bearing similarity to Brittney Howard and Muddy Waters combined. 

“Her EP Work in Protest” is an intense perspective on the game of love, to quote Love herself “Sometimes love takes its toll and when it does you have to play the game right backGrace Love is no stranger to genre bending her music, experimenting and putting parts of her identity into her songs.  

Love’s lyrics and brings a rambunctious and soulful angle to what the alternative pop and rock genres look like by a seasoned musical artist in 2023. 

With Grace Love’s unique and captivating sound, she has garnered a loyal following from the likes of KEXP and NPR who have consistently supported her music. She performed with the Seattle Symphony for a Quincy Jones tribute and then was selected by Quincy himself for a festival curated performance.

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