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By making a contribution, you will help us to make stories, change lives, and create art! All contributions can be tax deductible.

Mission Statement: To educate and motivate creative minds while fueling the body and creating a community of support around those seeking to begin or reinvent their lives as creatives.

To bring light to the gap between art and food by creating a new apprentice program to facilitate an alternative learning model. This model will focus on the in house food product line to where the food is grown and how to market oneself for the world beyond.  

Specific Goals, Activities, and Objectives:

NADINE’S HOUSE will give aspiring artists access to services, resources, and stability while maintaining dignity in an environment of opportunities without check marks. Each individual apprentice will be treated as a unique spirit, guided by motivated staff and volunteers to teach skills that will set a person up to go as far as they want to go along the five avenues of NADINE’S: Visual Art (including film, fine art, fashion, jewelry), Dance, Music, Creative Writing, Culinary Arts

A successful apprentice will be one who has developed both creatively and practically to the point that they can pursue either higher education or regular employment in their chosen artistic field. They will be awarded a diploma and receive a detailed portfolio and 3 letters of recommendation to further their reach after the program. 

NADINE’S HOUSE will consist of:

Nadine’s House will have a learning center on Peace Hill in partnership with Port Townsend Preservation Alliance located in the heart of Port Townsend. This property is also the site for Shy Acre farm.

The community consists of sufficient space for display and sale of apprentice-created art, performance of apprentice-created dance and music, reading of apprentice-created writing, and featuring apprentice-created meals. NADINE’S Kitchen will teach the life skills of accounting, budgeting, event planning, and allow apprentices to work for money in addition to their art stipends.

NADINE’S Closet will work with volunteers in the community to outfit the apprentices with the clothing they need for work, interviews, gallery shows, performances, and advancement forward into conservatory or other post-secondary education. NADINE’S Closet will teach the life skills of sharing, repurposing, basic clothing repair, and sewing.

NADINE’S Shed will work with volunteers in the community to gather supplies needed to support the apprentices in their creative endeavors. NADINE’S Shed will teach the life skills of budgeting, supply management, and organization.

NADINE’S Lodging will ensure that apprentices have safe, secure places to reside while they create their new lives as artists. NADINE’S Lodging will teach the life skills of living in community, cooperative decision-making, and patience.

NADINE’S Garden will connect the apprentices with the cycle of life and the seasons, reinforcing the need to connect with nature as a tool for creativity and growth. NADINE’S Garden will teach the life skills of attention to detail, coping with change and readjustment, budgeting, and growing and preserving one’s own food.

NADINE’S Office will help the apprentices navigate out of NADINE’S HOUSE, including assistance with college readiness, applying for grants, internships, or jobs.

NADINE’S Classroom will host visiting artists for interdisciplinary artistic training.

Nadine’s House is now able to provide tax-deductible receipts for your contributions.

if you would like to donate for a taxable deduction see the contact information below. Our funding goal is $562,893 for the next 3 years. This will help build out the first phase of our kitchen facility, plan housing steps, and support the artist who deserve a fighting chance in succeeding in this crazy world. 

We need to raise $100,000 for programming and infrastructure. Please become a donor today. You will be sent a donation receipt via email after your contribution. See below.

Support Nadine’s Kitchen

By making a contribution, you will help us to make stories, change lives, and create art! All contributions can be tax deductible.

If you are old fashion and want to send a check we are at PO Box 1651, Port Townsend, WA 98368

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